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A application for technical personnel who are looking for hydraulic components and their suppliers.
Here they can search for a manufacturer with part number and their global suppliers!

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About this page

This is a great place to find the orginal hydraulic partnumbers (MPC/OEM) from manufactures and there global suppliers...like you 😉

  • Main domain of >50 manufacturer websites, redirect to this website.
  • Its very easy and fast to find hydraulic partnumbers.
  • Every day we are posting new articles for your brand awareness.
  • We creating leeds to your website with potential customers.
  • And a better result in your own google rank position!

How it works

Advertising is very easy!

Tell us which brand you want to advertise on.
We will then add you as a supplier of all these articles.(Brand awareness)

For deeplinking you can sent us an excel list of the partnumbers you are willing to advertise.

This list must include ORIGINAL part numbers of the MANUFACTURE

When a customer is looking for a part number they will see you as a supplier.

And they will be redirect to your product page.

Services we offer for partners

Installation of your hydraulic partnumbers in our online application.

Creating post and advertise on sociale networks

Leading backlinks to your webshop or main webpage

Advertising (feed marketing) on >50 hydraulic reladed pages

Intrested? check our prices here!

Contact us

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